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Rashed PPC Consultant Leeds, West Yorkshire

Profit focused approach to PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing

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With a decade in PPC and digital marketing, I have helped numerous businesses from a variety of niches. I’m passionate about PPC management and edging out as much profit from your PPC advertising campaigns as possible!

Rashed Khan PPC Certification

10 Years in PPC & Digital Marketing

I’ve managed monthly PPC budgets anywhere from £250 – £250,000 across a wide variety of niches. I extensive experience with Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing), Facebook and Instagram advertising.  

I’ll be the only PPC consultant you ever need – request a free PPC audit and let me help you grow your business online.

Years of Experience

A Profit Led Approach To PPC Management

To ensure that your PPC advertising is profitable and doesn’t just drive meaningless traffic, I use a three stage approach. 

Step one: Research – The first step is to carry out research on the PPC landscape within your industry and understand your business.


Step two: Targeted campaign creation – The second stage is to use the insights gained to create a targeted PPC account that is best geared towards obtaining profitable traffic for your specific. This goes further choosing the right keywords. It looks at the targeting the right age group, gender, location, device, audience and times of the day.


Step three: Account refinement – After gaining some data from your PPC accounts, I use my data analysis skills as well as my own in house built tools and automated reporting APIs to find the optimisation opportunities that will further enhance your profits.    


High targeted Search campaigns using audience targeting

The increase in competition can make a Search campaign tricky to make profitable. This is why I combine the right keywords with the right audiences for your business. My approach to Search campaigns will help your business increase leads and revenue.


Shopping Campaign and Feed Management That Maximises Revenue and ROI

When implemented correctly, a Shopping campaign can be the most profitable part of an ecommerce business’s PPC advertising efforts. I structure my Shopping campaigns in a way that similar products are grouped together. This allows for the best bid to be applied to each product and for the right kind f traffic to be given to each product. I work on your product feed to improve relevancy and your clickthrough rate


Funnel Based Approach To Display Advertising That Actually Works

My Display campaigns focus on identifying and creating a funnel where the user is shown a different ad copy depending on how much they have interacted with your site. A tailored ad for each user allows for customers to be nurtured and educated about the benefits of buying from you. For advertisers new to Display advertising, I can recommend a Display campaign where the advertiser only pays for leads or sales.  


Remarketing Campaigns That Close Sales And Encourage Cross Sales

A Display Remarketing campaign can be very profitable, but most advertisers stick o a basic Remarketing implementation which can only go so far.  I identify several remarketing audiences based on how much the customer has interacted with your business. I also identify further growth opportunities by cross selling further products to those who have already made a purchase on your site.  

Paid Social

Profitable Facebook and Instagram Paid Advertising Campaigns

Paid Facebook advertising and Instagram marketing can be a very powerful way to educate your potential customers and gain additional sales or leads. You can be granular by targeting people of a specific age group and gender in Leeds interested in renting a property. Or you can widen your net by targeting people based anywhere in the UK or England who have similar interests to the people who have actually bought from you. I can help you create smart funnels that will guide your customers from the product education stage through to completing a purchase, and beyond. 

What Others Have Said About Me

Rash has been a great asset to the team, working on our PPC account to improve efficiencies and achieve ambitious ROI targets. He will put his mind to any task and always willing to adapt.
Helena PPC Recommendation
Helena Linsky - Director
Very knowledgeable in Google Adwords, PPC strategy, and Social Media PPC . I would highly recommend.
Denise PPC Recommendation
Rashed is an amazing professional, who brings all of the skills and expertise in Paid Media. I had the pleasure of working with Rashed at Aviatrix, collaborating on several projects. Besides that, Rashed with his unwavering confidence made me assured of the best solutions to any challenge. I hereby highly recommend Rashed for the next Paid Media for next opportunity as he will deliver at a high level.
Khash PPC Recommendation
Khash Nakhostin - Sr. Director of Marketing
Rashed is a great team player and has a very logical and analytical skill set. He has the ability and aptitude to solve complex equations and have a smile on his face while he does. I worked with Rash for around 2 years and believe that he is a rare find in the PPC world. He is always friendly and polite and thoroughly understands how PPC works to improve business. Great with clients and always punctual. All round brilliant bloke who always works hard to ensure the job gets done.
Mark Taylor PPC Recommendation

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As a PPC specialist based in Leeds UK, I write about the changing PPC landscape regularly. Read my PPC blog to stay up to date with my thoughts on PPC advertising and digital marketing.